Open up a new horizon to your data collection

My C-Tool, the affordable and agile cloud application, transforms your experience of data collection, processing and analysis

CSR or sustainable development reporting, GHG assessment, GHG management, change management, improvement process follow-up, projects evaluation, ad hoc study to confront a new regulatory constraint... an a thousand of additional possibilities

My C-Tool adapts to your focus

Large company, SME, professional federation, collectivity, public facility, engineering office, consulting firm

My C-Tool adapts to your organization

My C-Tool: Open up a new horizon to your data collection

Give all its potential to the data collection, and all their value to the source data

Easily set up the forms along with their on-line help

Build the organization and the authorizations structure

Follow-up progress and keep the contributors motivated

Share comments with the contributors

Download the data into an Excel spreadsheet

And find still much more: documents attachments, auditability, English/French interface, easiness to repeat or adapt the data collection...

Transform the data collection into a powerful reporting and management tool

Activate this module anytime you want

Perform real-time analysis of data at any organizational level

Share the analyses with the users depending on their authorizations

Follow all types of indicators and as much as you need

Choose to simply aggregate the collected data, or add a processing layer as elaborate as you need, based on official and/or internal reference data

And find still much more: auditability, English/French interface, data downloads...


Connection via internet browser without preliminary installation, intuitive interfaces for input and analysis, custom on-line help, comments sharing between contributor and coordinator


English/French interface, distributed contributions, follow-up of the data collection, ad hoc reporting in a few clicks available at all the suitable levels of your organization. All the data can be downloaded to Excel.


Indicators, organizational structure, analysis axes, data collection forms, reference data: everything in My C-Tool can be continuously adapted. Start as simple as possible and enhance your solution with features as your needs mature and as you gain feedback from your users.


You can either have us configure My C-Tool for you, or choose to configure it yourself partly or completely.


Details of data calculations, value and source of used reference data, handling of supporting documents, log of user actions and log of input data updates. The results you obtain via My C-Tool are 100% auditable.


Optimized deployment and configuration costs as well as involvement in the open source software allow us to offer you the best price for our solutions.

Our customers

  • Bolloré logistics
  • Fédération Française des Spiritueux
  • Fédération Française des Vins d’Apéritif
  • Le Guide Vins & Spiritueux
  • Union des Maisons & Marques de Vins
  • Association Nationale des Maires des Stations de Montagne

Our institutional supports / partners

  • OSÉO
  • Jeune Entreprise Innovante
  • Laboratoire LIRIS de l'Université de Lyon
  • INSA de Lyon

CarbonDB is a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) database centered on greenhouse gas and energy impacts developed by My C-Sense. Its main features are:

  • Open acces: anybody can freely access data.
  • Open (semantic) language: source data are expressed in an open knowledge representation language.
  • Open data: anybody can download source data, use them or edit them for its own purpose.
  • Open collaboration: anybody can comment existing issues on data, submit new issues, or submit an improved version of source data.
  • Non-redundancy: most of data (elementary flows) are calculated from a minimal subset of source data.
  • Transparency, intelligibility, graphical interfaces: all source data should be based on publicly available references, particular emphasis is placed on accessibility, intelligibility, pedagogy.
  • Open source: underlying software is open source.


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